Faithful Lamenting

Faithful Lamenting

Inspired by Lament by The Dirt and the Flood

I am captivated by the concept of lamenting and the role it plays in our faith walk.  Originally, I wanted to do this piece in grays, browns, muted colors to represent the lamenting.  But , as I began to work, the rich colors that I love would not leave.  Then I realize that in my moments of lament, there was still belief, there was still faith.  A paradox, I know, but most of my journey with God has been full of those seemingly contradictions.  I believe it is an added burden to interpret our lamentations as a lack of faith.  The color is there as a reminder that the tears of lament can still be full of faith.

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~ by Cynthia on February 4, 2009.

12 Responses to “Faithful Lamenting”

  1. OMG! This is SO beautiful!! Is this what you have been working on??

  2. I absolutely love this! Beautiful!

  3. yes, it is what consumed me Monday night and Yesterday.

    Thanks, Leslie

  4. I love it!

  5. Amen to that. When we think any of our emotions are “outside the realm of God” we sure do set ourselves up for suffering. This is a good reminder of the healthy cleansing we all need, and don’t need to feel ashamed of.

  6. LOVE THIS! You are such a talented artist!! Judy from Inspired Yahoo Group

  7. Cynthia, this is AMAZING. So, so beautiful! You’re really talented! Can’t wait to meet you at Inspired!


    I …. um, love it :)


    Are you going to make prints of it, by any chance…?????? I know right where I’d put this baby…

  10. i discovered your blog yesterday and you do such beautiful artwork! i’ve just recently begun an art journal-well, i’ve only done one entry so far but i am enjoying your entries. i’ve put a link to you on my blog.

    grace + peace

  11. Cynthia, thank you for another reminder that lamenting is not lack of faith. And I’m glad you chose to use color in this picture, as a reminder that there’s always hope. I like your style!

  12. When we see any struggle as an act of faith instead of faith-lessness, it teaches us more. When we soften our hearts to ourselves instead of hardening them, don’t we get so much more from our heart? Yes, I love this in this color. I hope to see more. And I hope you will sign up to work on one of the traveling journals I’m shepherding. You have a lot to share!

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