Finding Favor

I slept until 10:00 today. Simply unheard of unless I am sick, which I’m not. Last week was a week of hardly any sleep thought so I guess my body needed to recover. The really amazing thing is the half of my children were awake and occupied themselves quietly, evidently.

Once I stumbled into the dining room and started suggestions for getting the day moving forward, I sat down to check my email and received such a gift of favor.

I won this profound pendant!

Love Linqui

from Randi via a giveaway at Random Musings about Art and Life.

Randi’s pendants are fun and unique. I love so many but this one in particular called to my heart as being made by a teenage girl who seems to know herself and accept herself so well. Oh, to have had that confidence in my teens.

That’s my favor for today. I really am looking forward to establishing my own art form that I can offer to the world. Though there is really no desire within me to market myself or my art, I’d love to the opportunity to give art away.

Just label that part of my life as coming soon …

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~ by Cynthia on February 2, 2009.

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