Monday Morning Mentations

During the week, I find articles and blog posts that interest me and I leave them up on my tab bar and that is usually the fodder for my Monday Morning Mentations. Sometimes, they are totally unrelated and random. Sometimes, i just focus on one. Today, there are quite a few with sort of a common theme: Church Life

Let’s start with Friendly Atheists list of 20 things People do in Church that Annoy Me

19. Pastors ask questions with obvious answers.

(“Who here believes the Lord is going to save them today?!” I think the people in church are going to say “yes.” Call it a hunch.)

Personally, I hate it when pastors say, repeat after me and I hate to see someone walking up and down the side aisle counting attendance and I hate for the offering to be taken up right after the sermon during a reflective, worship time. In fact, I hate for offering to be taken up. If I want to give, I will give; you don’t have to pass a plate or a basket under my nose.

Which brings me to my next two posts:

Molly talks about The Official Tithe

The tithes to a church, though, seem like they should be spent primarily on serving the needy and to those working to serve the needy–at least if we are going to use the Bible as our guide for giving. Sometimes I think that the tithe money most churches recieve is spent on the opposite. If I were to begin tithing to a church community again, it would only be to one that puts the needy and those serving them first]

Tithing on Trial at The Tithing Debate makes the case for agricultural tithing instead of monetary tithing which with the increasing rise in the cost of groceries might not be such a bad idea.

I think tithing has been our biggest struggle since leaving church last year. Well, we didn’t struggle then but now that we are back in a church we are consistently revisiting this issue with God. That’s not such a bad thing though. I like that we are examining ourselves and where and how our money should be spent. It beats the mindless deposit we made each Sunday.

When it comes to taking care of the poor and needy, Greg Boyd suggests that if the Jesus way is too difficult we could just start with the Bono way. I am sure heresy darts are still being thrown.

Can we do better than this?

“We’re just a ‘G’ rated version of the world,” she said. “And I can’t be a party to it anymore. Our idea of being evangelistically bold and counter-cultural is bringing people into this building. But once we get them here, we don’t offer them anything different from what the world offers. We certainly don’t love and forgive each other and we don’t build into each others’ lives. I don’t think this is the way we’re supposed to do church. The secular world is doing a better job at loving people that we are.”

I certainly hope so. Keyword: hope. I haven’t give up on it yet.

Instead of causing division, we the followers of Jesus could live more like this vision:

The attractional appeal of the Kingdom community is based on an expression of power that transforms, a solidarity based on a common dependency, a sense of justice that cares for the least, values the one and seeks their restoration, pursues reconciliation, and ever extends the hand of forgiveness. Who wouldn’t want to walk with such people in the journey of life?

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff for this morning …

~~ grace and peace ~~

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~ by Cynthia on April 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Monday Morning Mentations”

  1. Cynthia
    I don’t want you to feel guilty about not being able to tithe. Tithing is OT and was never taught to the Church or Gentiles. NT giving is sacrificial, generous, joyful, premeditated and a response of love.

    Check out my web site for over 150 articles. I am sure you would enjoy the essay on page one. May God bless you.

    In Christ’s love
    Russ Kelly

  2. Thanks for the link, Cynthia (GREAT PIC, btw! I’m so jealous of your hair!)…

    Good links. I see you’re going to give me plenty to read today. :)

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